The Pokemon Farm is Now Open!

May 16, 2007

Oddish in the gardenNow that I have completed my Sinnoh Pokedex and have unlocked the Pal Park I am now ready to open up my Pokemon Farming business.

Don’t be worried, I’m not looking for your money. I’m doing this as a service to all the Pokemon players out there who need Pokemon but can’t get them from their friends or via GTS.

I will be posting a series of articles on Pokemon Farming in the future and each one will feature a particular Pokemon that I am currently breeding. All you will have to do is drop a comment at the end of the article and tell me which one you want. Please be sure to read the earlier comments though as someone else may have already claimed the Pokemon you are looking for.

I would like to use this post to ask all of you what Pokemon you would like me to begin breeding.

This is not a way to get legendary Pokemon or Pokemon that do not breed so don’t ask for them here!

Question: Do you have the starters from G/S/C R/B/Y R/S/E?
Answer: I have access to all of the Pokemon that exist on the GBA games and Diamond and Pearl.

Question: What level will the Pokemon be?
Answer: Either level one or level five. It depends on which game I use to breed them with.

Question: Why can’t I get a [insert legendary Pokemon name here] from you?
Answer: If the Pokemon can not breed I can’t farm it.

Question: What about evolved forms of Pokemon?
Answer: I only offer the pre-evolved form of Pokemon.

Question: What do I have to trade back to you?
Answer: There is not much that I need in regards to Pokemon so I’ll take just about anything.

Question: Can I get items too?
Answer: No, just Pokemon.

Question: Can I specify natures and gender?
Answer: I will list the freshly hatched Pokemon and you get to pick from that list.

image is from djonesgirlz on flickr and used with permission


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