Pokémon Snap on the Wii

December 10, 2007

Pokémon Snap

You heard me right. Nintendo has just released Pokémon Snap on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

As one of the most unique games in a renowned series, Pokémon Snap was the first truly 3-D Pokémon game and introduced the phenomenon to the Nintendo 64. Travel to Pokémon Island and meet Professor Oak to begin a safari, taking the best possible photographs of 63 different Pokémon as they exist in the wild, undisturbed by humans. This is not as easy as it sounds—the island has many types of climates and environments to explore, along with secret activities and hidden passages to discover. Plus, some of the Pokémon can be a little shy and won’t pose for the camera unless you tease them with special items. After you’re done, submit one picture of each Pokémon to Professor Oak, and he’ll judge it based on size, pose, technique and number of Pokémon captured.

For a mere 1,000 points you can relive the days of Pokémon Snap on your Wii. You can either spend the $20 on a classic controler or use an old Game Cube controler.

Checking out charizard!

Oh no, Pikachu and Diglet!


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