Pokemon Nature and Characteristics Explained!

September 4, 2007

So, you just hatched a bunch of Pokemon and started to train them when you suddenly realize something, not all Pokemon are created equal. It is true, every Pokemon is a little bit different than other Pokemon of the same type.

Some Pokemon are Bashful while others are Bold. some Pokemon Often Doze Off while others Very Finicky. What does all this mean? Read on dear friend and I will educate you on the meaning of your Pokemon’s Nature and Characteristics.

Nature Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Adamant Rises quickly Rises slowly
Bold Rises slowly Rises quickly
Brave Rises quickly Rises slowly
Calm Rises slowly Rises quickly
Careful Rises slowly Rises quickly
Gentle Rises slowly Rises quickly
Hasty Rises slowly Rises quickly
Impish Rises quickly Rises slowly
Jolly Rises slowly Rises quickly
Lax Rises quickly Rises slowly
Lonely Rises quickly Rises slowly
Mild Rises slowly Rises quickly
Modest Rises slowly Rises quickly
Naive Rises slowly Rises quickly
Naughty Rises quickly Rises slowly
Quiet Rises quickly Rises slowly
Rash Rises quickly Rises slowly
Relaxed Rises quickly Rises slowly
Sassy Rises quickly Rises slowly
Timid Rises slowly Rises quickly

Now that I have shown you the Natures that Pokemon can have you might be wondering how to use this to your advantage. Let me give you one very easy to understand example: Makuhita / Hariyama.

MakuhitaHariyamaThis Pokemn is a serious Fighting type Pokemon. Once he evolves into Hariyama his base Attack score will be 120 and his base Special Attack score will be 40. As you level him up all of his moves will be Physical and be based upon his Attack score. You have no need in raising his Special Attack score at all! Do you know what this means? It means if you can raise a Hariyama with an Adamant nature he will be one of the toughest Hariyama around!

Now that I have told you about a Pokemon’s nature and provided you with an example I’m going to tell you about a Pokemon’s Characteristics.

Rises Quickly Pokemon Characteristics
Hit Points Loves to eat, Often dozes off, Often naps, Scatters things often, Likes to relax
Attack Proud of its power, Likes to thrash about, A little quick tempered, Likes to fight, hot tempered
Defense Sturdy body, Capable of taking hits, Highly persistent, Good endurance, Good Perseverance
Special Attack Highly curious, Mischievous, Thoroughly cunning, Often lost in thought, Very finicky
Special Defense Strong willed, Somewhat vain, Strongly defiant, Hates to lose, Somewhat stubborn
Speed Likes to run, Alert to sounds, Impetuous and silly, Somewhat of a clown, Quick to flee

Unlike a Pokemon’s nature, a Pokemon’s characteristics only have a bonus. Taking our earlier example of Makuhita / Hariyama we can quickly see that a Adamant nature coupled with a characteristic of Proud of its power will make for a very formidable Pokemon!

So, how do you breed for these things?

When breeding, if the female Pokemon holds an Everstone it will pass its nature on to its offspring. Yes, the Pokemon will inherit the nature from their mother. As for characteristics, I do not know of any way to breed for them.

So there you have it, one more bit of breeding wisdom to add to your collection!


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