Pokemon HowTo: Mystery Gifts in Diamond and Pearl

April 25, 2007

A feature many people have come to love in the Pokemon games is that of the “Mystery Gift”. This is a feature where you enter a special passcode somewhere in the game that opens up the ability to get special bonus stuff from Nintendo.

This feature (in the past) has been used at the Pokemon Rocks America events to allow you to get special tickets. These special tickets open up new areas of the game to catch the super rare legendary pokemon such as Celebi, Mew, Deoxys and others.

Guess what! It’s back in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and I’m going to tell you how to access it right here and now!

1) Go to the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City.
2) Go to the 3rd floor.
3) Talk to the man in the lower room (he’s on the left).
4) The first two words you tell him are “everyone” and “happy“.
5) the second two words are “Wi-Fi” and “Connection“.
6) This will then unlock the Mystery Gift feature on the main menu.

NOTE: Some of the above words may not be available right away. Be sure you can go into a Pokecenter basement before trying this.

The Mystery Gift feature has three options:

1) Get from a Friend.
2) Get via Wireless.
3) Get via Nintendo WFC.

Did you catch the last one?

The best (and worst) part about the previous Mystery Gift system has been that you had to go and find a Pokemon event to go to. It’s not that bad for me because I only live about 50 miles from the Nintendo World store in New York City but, for many people, a Pokemon event never comes within 500 miles of them!

As I learn more I’ll let you know more!


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