Pokemon Farming: Spiritomb

June 21, 2007

SpiritombSpiritomb is one of the new Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl games. It is of the Dark/Ghost type. It suffers with a problem of having a complex catching method. This makes Spiritomb a very useful Pokemon, if only it were easier to catch!

To catch a Spiritomb you need to use an Odd Keystone and talk to 32 people in the Sinnoh Underground. You can dig up the Odd Keystone in the Sinnoh Underground and you can also talk to your friends 32 times.

By placing the Odd Keystone in the well on Route 209 you will activate the Spiritomb event.

You then need to go to the Sinnoh Underground and talk to 32 People. These must be real people and not hikers. If you don’t know 32 people you can just hop in and out of the Sinnoh Underground and talk to the same person 32 times.

After you have talked to the 32 people just head back to the well and meet up with a Spiritomb. It will not be that strong so try not to knock it out. If you do knock it out you need to find another Odd Keystone and repeat.

Because the method of catching a Spiritomb is so hard and finding one on GTS (who is not looking for a Palkia/Dialga) is so hard I’m offering them up in this edition of Pokemon Farming!

I’m adding a few special rules to this offerring because things have gotten hectic in the past:

1. I don’t care what you trade me though I would prefer a non-Sinnoh Pokemon.
2. The Pokemon you trade to me must be holding something.
3. I prefer berries over all other items.
4. The only exception to berries are the two items that Magby/Elekid hold when caught in the wild.
5. For berries I need: 37 – 39, 41-49, 52, 60+. Yes, I know I got some of these on Monday but the plants have not produced berries yet and I did not write down their ID numbers.
6. You may also ask for one starter Pokemon as a secondary trade.
7. When you leave your information in the comments below your trainer name must be correct. When I do the trading I refer to the comments on the site to see who gets what.
8. When you enter the Wi-Fi zone select the trade option and wait for me to select you.
9. If you can, be early. I am sometimes on early.
10. Don’t be afraid to trade amongst yourselves.

My information:
Trainer: Ezekial
Friend Code: 0559 3242 3898


  • Have something to trade to me
  • Be in the Wi-Fi zone by 7:00PM EDT (New York Time)
  • Be ready


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