Pokemon Farming: Lunatone

February 2, 2009

Lunatone is a mysterious pokemon of the psychic and rock variety. Aside from it’s bizarre appearance, it’s other unique characteristic is it’s typing, which it only shares with it’s pseudo sun conterpart Solrock. Another thing that sets Lunatone apart from Solrock is it’s superior special attack and special defense, allowing it to be a great special sweeper. The Lunatone I have for you today are Modest(Sp Attack+, Attack-), have max special attack IVs, and the following move set:

Grass Knot: A grass type attack, it’s base power depends on how heavy the foe is. It’s ideal for dealing with the bulky waters Lunatone would attract with it’s rock typing.

Calm Mind:This attack raises Lunatone’s special attack and special defense simultaneously. Making it a lovely special based tank.

Psychic: A 90 base powered STABed attack, it’ll be one of your main attacking moves, and will really start to take it’s toll once Lunatone starts Calm Minding.

Ice Beam: For those Grass, Dragon, and Flying pokemon that hope to scare Lunatone away. Punish them for switching into Lunatone with this attack.

They will all have the levitate ability, which makes them immune to ground attacks, spikes, and toxic spikes.

Please leave your name and FC, even if we traded before I will need it again.
Only 1 Pokémon per person
Please do not trade me eggs.
Be in the Wi-Fi zone at 4pm(PST), on February 4th
Make yourself available to Trade (Invite–>Trade) I will come to you when I’m ready.
Items(rare candies, heart scales or water stones) are very appreciated but not required.
If you are new to our site, your first comment will be moderated. Don’t worry if your post doesn’t show, we will get to it in time, and you will not miss out!

My Information:
Glacier/ 1160 6656 0190

For ease of trading here are the time conversions for 4pm Pacific Standard Time
4pm PST
6pm CST
7pm EST

If you cannot make the event in time please visit this thread and post requesting a leftover Lunatone.


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