Pokemon Farming: Delibird

August 10, 2008

Continuing our Winter in August theme, I bring you shiny Delibird!

Now, to get this out of the way, these Delibird are in no way hacked or cloned, each is one of a kind!  Delibird are one of several daily swarms you can get in D/P, and they’re all obtained though chaining for shinies. I love to chain, and I’ve been looking for a good reason to do it, so here we are!

Tonight, I have 28 Purple Delibird to hand out! I gave them a few TMs so that they have a little extra something than the only move it has in the wild-Present (amulet coin+vs seeker=$$), so here are its moves:

  • Present – Att?? Accuracy 90% A gift in the form of a bomb, can restore your opponents HP.
  • Ice Beam -Att 95 Accuracy 100% STAB
  • Blizzard -Att 120 Accuracy 75% STAB

They either have the ability Vital Spirit, which makes him never under the ‘sleep’ condition, and Hustle, which gives physical attacks 1.5 times the power, but reduces the accuracy to 80%.

All shiny Delibird will also have some sort of item as a present!

So you want a Purple Penguin? Heres the rules:

  • Sign up with your name and friend code down below in the comments-first come, first serve!
  • First time commenting here? All first time comments are moderated and will not show on the site immediately! We will get them through as soon as we can.
  • Please only ask for one. After 28 requests, I have no more to give!
  • You can choose a gender and/or an ability, but I can’t guarantee that you will get it-you cannot request nature.
  • You may ask for a nickname, but be prepared to wait extra time!
  • I don’t need anything in return, but if you have a Gulpin I wouldn’t turn it down :D
  • You have two hours to pick it up from now (6pm New York Eastern Time), I wont reserve it for you after that.
  • If there are leftovers, I will be offering them in our forums, do not ask for leftovers in the forums unless I offer them.

Enter my name and friend code
Tot    FC 0602-6974-2308 (i’ll be around tonight for two hours!)
Jump on wifi and select “Invite>Trade”
Receive Delibird!

Hope tonight goes smoothly! Say, did anyone ever play Delibird Delivery on Pokemon Stadium 2 for 64? I did! I loved that minigame!


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