Trivial Ranch: Halloween Cursprise!

October 17, 2009 | Comments Off

Make sure to check out PokeFarm’s Trivial Ranch today. Forum and main-site farmer Whitdjinn will once again be offering a special EV-trained Pokemon, and all you’ll need to do is correctly answer a few trivia questions! You can find this event by clicking here. Right now, you may take a look at the clues given to try to determine what the farmed Pokemon might be. The contest begins at 3:00 Eastern Time today; don’t miss it!

Pokemon Farming: Forum Special: Chikorita

March 10, 2008 | 67 Comments

Todays pokemon offering is Chikorita, a great starting pokemon from the Johto region. This little weed will eventually evolve into a very formidable "Red Ring of Terror" known as Maganium.

Chikorita/Bayleaf/Maganium have very good defensive stats but only slightly decent attack stats. For this reason, I stuck with producing all with the nature Bold which allows 10% to the Defense stat and reduces the max Attack value by 10%. The below move set is aimed at utilizing the Special Attack so the loss of those extra points will not hinder his effectiveness.

All chikoritas and the subsequent evolutions have the ability Overgrowth. Overgrowth causes a 50% raise in damage caused by Grass moves when the users HP falls to or below 1/3 its max.

Move set

Leech Seed – accuracy 90% 10PP – seeds a fow and then drains 1/16 of their max life every turn.

Protect – accuracy 100% 10PP – Goes first, completely protects from any damage this turn. Accuracy is halved each time this move is used in succession.
Grass Knot – SpA -accuracy 100% 20PP- Hits heavier opponents for more damage, with a max of 120 power.
Ancient Power – SpA – power 60, accuracy 100% 5PP – Rock attack with a 10% chance of raising all stats.

This set will work great as a staller as well as on great big walls. Leech seed the high HP walls and steal 1/16 their life to help revive yourself. Along with leftovers attached which also recovers 1/16, you will be drawing double HP recovery for a total of 1/8+ per turn. Using protect as your second move allows your poke to recover a whopping 1/4+ of its life for free, hopefully replenishing the hit you took to dispense your leech seed.

Once you are set up, the use of Grass Knot will help with the destruction of large walls and help to prevent the switching in of larger pokemon. Grass Knot has a gradient of damage based on the weight of the opponent pokemon, shown below

Below 10 kg: 20 power
10.1 kg – 25 kg: 40 power
25.1 kg – 50 kg: 60 power
50.1 kg – 100 kg: 80 power
100.1 kg – 200 kg: 100 power
200.1 kg and up: 120 power

The final move is to help protect against the weakness of chikorita. The rock move Ancient Power will hit four of its five 2x weakness (Ice, Bug, Flying and Fire) for 2x damage, helping to keep your chikorita/bayleaf/manganium up and running longer.

How to get one:

1. Comment with your Name and Friend Code
2. Get a Pokemon to trade, preferably holding an item. Heartscales and rare candies are much appreciated for future breeding projects.
3. Be in the Wi-Fi zone at 6pm CST (Chicago Time) on March 14th (Friday)
4. Make yourself available to Trade (Invite–>Trade) I will come to you when I’m ready.

My Information

Trainer Name: Narnad

Friend Code: 3823 7154 4296


Narnad is not only an excellent breeder but also a Gym Leader on the forum. You can challenge Narnad for the Relic Gym Badge as well as visit the Farmer on the Dell forum farm to see more of these amazing Pokemon

Pokemon Farming: Forum Special: Cyndaquil

March 3, 2008 | 82 Comments

Noctem’s Special Flamin’ Cyndaquil.

So, Cynaquil is a little weasel-mouse with a with a fiery personality once provoked. They’re usually timid but watch out, they’ll set their opponents a blaze!

So today, as a special treat, I’m offering them to you. Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava and later Typhlosion, which can be a great asset to any team as a lead or late game special sweeper. You can send it into battle alone or give it a Choice Scarf and watch it wreak havoc.

All of these little guys will be of the Timid(speed+,-attack) nature, to give your pokemon the extra speed it needs and will have the ability Blaze, fire attacks will gain a power boost if Cyndaquil’s HP falls below 1/3. So come adopt one of these little guys today for all of your Barbecuing needs, and roast your opponent’s pokemon.

Move set:

Eruption- An extremely powerful move that’s best used as the start of the battle, since it’s most powerful before Cyndaquil takes any damage. A 150 base power attack, plus STAB is a scary sight to behold.

Lava Plume- A secondary attack to use once Cyndaquil has taken some damage. While not as powerful, it still is a decently powered STABed move. So "Why not choose Flame Thrower?," you ask. The reason I chose Lava Plume is because of the 30% chance of causing burns, crippling physical sweepers, and it generally causes a nice amount of passive damage.

Hidden Power- While the power and type depends on the user’s IVs, hidden power is a very surprising attack. To check your pokemon’s Hidden Power Type, you’ll have to use an IV calculator.

Dig- It gives Cyndaquil some type coverage against rock types.


Comment with your Name and Friend Code

Even if we have traded before, I will need your information again.

Get a Pokemon to trade (preferably non-Sinnoh, Rare Candy, Heart Scales, and TMs are always appreciated.) Do not trade me eggs!

Be in the Wi-Fi zone at 4pm PST (GMT-8:00) on Monday March 10th

Make yourself available to Trade (Invite–>Trade) I will come to you when I’m ready.

My information:
Trainer Name: Glacier
FC: 1160 6656 0190

Editors Note: This event is being performed by one of our Forum Farmers, Babael, who is also the current Mine Gym Leader. You can visit the farm directly by clicking on this link Noctem Ridge Farm. If you like the Cyndaquil here you will absolutely love the other Pokemon that have been farmed in the forums.

PokeFarm: Forum News

August 7, 2007 | 20 Comments

Previously – some of you have participated in discussions on the forums that were designed to go along with the Pokemon Farming at I’d like to first thank those of you whose interests go a bit beyond the casual reader of the farming articles and have taken time to participate fully in our community. I urge others to do the same, as we have a LOT planned for; not the least of which is continuing to farm great Pokemon.

As you may have noticed the farming aspect has split completely away from HMTK, and as such, so have the forums. We now have a new forum established at which will continue to see improvements as time allows. Hopefully soon you will see that the theme will closely resemble this home page in color scheme and graphic nature.

You’ll also notice that your old logins won’t work on this new forum. Due to problems we had on the old format, we’ve decided to go with a completely clean slate. What does that mean?

  • You’ll have to create a new account.
  • You’ll have a chance to designate your favorite pokemon as your avatar.
  • Private messages WORK! *woohoo*
  • Streamlined forums and active forum management personnel.

Here are some of the things we plan on doing on the forums specifically. (If I learn enough php to pull it off)

  • Special Trainer Name and Friend Code fields for easy battling/trading
  • Layout to match that of
  • Avatars to include all 493 Pokemon
  • Keep a tight knight and mature management team who genuinely upkeep the site only because they love the Pokaymons.

So please, create an account at the forum site linked at the top of this page if you’d like a little more insight to our world or have any suggestions at all. For those of you who don’t know, the following members are the staff at the forums.

  • HMTKSteve – Creator, originator, and owner of AND
  • RoBottnick – Farmer, forum moderator
  • TheTaterTot – Farmer, forum moderator
  • BryGuy – Farmer, forum moderator
  • Whitdjinn – Farmer, forum maintenance and theme conversion

There is plenty of space on the forums for any questions or suggestions so please don’t be shy about posting it, we’re doing this site for you, we want to be sure it keeps your interest as well as ours!