Berry Farming: The EV Berries

August 27, 2007

Today I’m going to tell you about a special group of berries you can farm in Pokemon that helps you train your Pokemon. These berries, when given to a Pokemon, raises their happiness and lowers one of their ability scores by the same amount as a vitamin would raise them. You can think of them as anti-vitamins.

These berries are as follows:

  • Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry – Lowers Base HP.
  • Kelpsey Berry Kelpsey Berry – Lowers Base Attack.
  • Qualot Berry Qualot Berry – Lowers Base Defense.
  • Hondew Berry Hondew Berry – Lowers Base Special Attack.
  • Grepa Berry Grepa Berry – Lowers Base Special Defense.
  • Tamato Berry Tamato Berry – Lowers Base Speed.

All of these berries have a smoothness of 20 and the plants should mature in about Eight hours. If you have not already done so I highly suggest you read our article on berry farming. If you follow those instructions you should be able to farm bumper crops of 10 – 20 berries at a time!

So, why would you use these berries? Whenever a Pokemon battles another Pokemon and gains EXP from the battle they also gain EV points. Gain enough of these points and your Pokemon will gain bonus points for their abilities when they gain a level. There is a limit to how many points they can gain and once you max them out there is a woman in Sunyshore City who will reward you with a ribbon when your Pokemon has full EV points.

The key to using these berries is to watch what kinds of Pokemon you are fighting and see how your Pokemon is advancing. Not fast enough? Pick a score that you consider to be worth lowering and feed him the proper berry. If your speed EV is below 90 you can feed him some Carbos (speed vitamin) and watch his speed rise.

These berries also come in very handy if someone trades you a good Pokemon with messed up EVs. They do need to be at a point where they can gain levels because once a Pokemon gains 100 EV points in an ability score they can no longer use vitamins to raise that score, they can only gain EV by battling.

It is true that EV training is a very long and grueling road. It was much easier to do in the world of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald because of the secret base system. Oh yes, with several copies of each game you could create a secret base in each one with a certain set of Pokemon. I myself did that using Bug Pokemon and found great success.

We do a lot of trading here at PokeFarm. Next time you trade with someone why not include a berry? They are very easy to grow and no Pokemon should be sent away empty handed!


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